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Street Photography Masterclass (On-Demand Video )

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This Street Photography Beginners Masterclass will teach you how to Work faster free from technical constraints that add no value, Understand 3 different ways of shooting, How to take significantly less, but dramatically better images and How to become a confident Street Photographer.


I’m both proud and delighted to a have built you this unique and transformative journey into the mind set, concepts and vision of a 15 x international award winning street photography educator and lead Royal Photographic Society educator.

With over 6 hours of video, this workshop has been designed with my entire customer base in mind, so is suitable for beginners to in-person workshop regulars as this goes much further than even an in-person workshop. So wheatear we’ve never met, you’ve been on one of my zoom workshops, or multiple in-person street workshops, this will significantly up your game.

In this 6 module on-demand video workshop I narrate and articulate my thoughts, vision and lessons showing you every single frame from 5 different shoots in 4 locations / 3 countries including Soho, Cardiff, Weston-Super-Mare and Berlin. This unique ‘behind the eyes’ insight will help you understand my methodology, my personal artistic vision and intent.

Let me show you my unique methodology in which I achieve an average of 8 x keepers per hour (kph) over 5 x shoots – yes, per hour! I’ll equip you with these valuable skills and you too will soon be taking far more keepers.



  1. How to get into the right mind set
  2. The value of shooting triggers
  3. How to create narrative
  4. How to creating multi faceted shots
  5. The value of shooting triggers
  6. How to approach new and familiar locations
  7. How to build on a previous visit to a location
  8. How to approach a single opportunity in 3 different ways to produce 3 very different images.
  9. My gear, settings and setup
  10. How to achieve 4+ keeper per hour (KPH)
  11. How to see the world differently
  12. Experience and understand my unique artistic vision image by image over 5 different shoots.
  13. See and understand how every shot was seen, constructed and thought out.




I”ve won 15 x international photography awards including ‘Professional Photography of the Year’ and the ‘Sony World Photography Awards’. I’m a lead eductor for the Royal Photographic Socity delivering evening, 1 x day, 6 x week and 16 x week in zoom workshops. worldwide.



under and your personal expert is Simon Ellingworth, a multi award winning Fine Art Street Photographer.
Simon has images featured in this years ‘International Photography Awards‘, was a finalist in the ‘International iPhone Photography Awards‘‘Mobile Photography Awards‘ & ‘Professional Photographer of the Year‘, previously runner up in ‘Professional Photographer of the Year‘ and ‘Sony World Photography Awards‘. Simon’s tutorials have been published by a number of blogs including Lifehacker, DIY, Life in Lofi, SLR Lounge, etc. His limited edition Fine Art Street Photography prints are sold globally by Saatchi galleries, etc.

Simon is a passionate educator, a lover of simplicity on both gear and technique and welcomes photographs of all abilities and with cameras from iPhones, mirrorless to DSLRs. He is super welcoming, inclusive and very enthusiastic.


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