Fine Art Project: The Darkness Within

I’m delighted to showcase my brand new Fine Art Project: ‘The Darkness Within’ with exciting news that it’s be awarded an ‘Editor’s Choice’ in the Lens Culture Fine Art Awards 2024 today ahead of the main competition (their equivalent of an ‘Honourable Mention’), making a new total of 19 x International Awards.

So, without further ado, here’s the first of 2 x Brand New Conceptual Street photography based evolutions in which I have created a new triptych format called the ‘Continuum’:

“Darkness Within is a Fine Art photography project by Simon Ellingworth in which fragmented moments take on multifaceted cohesion in both meaning, the lines which flow and link each reality to deliver the artists vision.

The individual images are shot as a stream of consciousness, then later become center weighted triptychs (continuums) which explore a wide range of mental health issues, the dark, bruised and often unspoken elements of the human condition. 

Whilst the images have strong conceptual meaning, they delivered without title in a nonprescriptive manor to allow the viewer to create a personal and meaningful interpretation..”

The Darkness With – No. 1
The Darkness With – No. 2
The Darkness With – No.3
The Darkness With – No.4
The Darkness With – No.5
The Darkness With – No.6
The Darkness With – No.7

I’d love to know your thoughts below…

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